The Austin real estate market can be competitive and challenging. The market shifts quickly; neighborhoods become hot, then not; small judgement calls can make big differences the outcome of your transaction. Why leave the largest transaction of your life to a robot or online service? It’s important to work with an experienced agent that can help you navigate through the process. 

When you work with a RealAgent, you’re getting a skilled REALTOR and the confidence that comes from having genuine knowledge and expertise on your side.  

RealAgent was founded on the premise of delivering our clients a genuine experience with knowledgeable agents. In the digital age of automated home searches an algorithms, we provide real expertise and personalized service. Here at RealAgent, our clients come first. 

Amber Rodgers has been extremely helpful to us in finding our first home. Her commitment and dedication towards us has been steady throughout the process. As we were first time home buyer, we had limited knowledge about real estate process and the entire process of home buying. Amber has been our hero in getting the new home delivered to us on time.... If not for her, we would not have got the home in time. She is very professional, good observer and a great listener. I would HIGHLY recommend Amber when looking for your ideal home.
Chanakya Bhograj


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