Eli Morales


MOBILE: 512.931.1474


If you have ever had the pleasure of speaking with Eli you are familiar with his trademark chuckle. And chances are it is as infectious for you as it is for everyone who’s met him.

“You laugh, I laugh,” he says. “Having a relaxed and cheerful disposition just comes easy to me.”

In fact, if you spend any amount of time with him, whether he’s speaking with a client, a friend, neighbor, or aiding an employee, hardly a person can be in Eli’s presence without his laughter following. But more than that, Eli knows his clients and employees on a deeper level. Born and raised in the west side of Chicago, he comes from a large family and appreciates people for their differences. “I love working in big groups. I prefer people, community involvement. I relate that to being from a big family.”

Eli is a true Jack of all trades. Having once been a medical assistant, a mechanic, and in IT, he did not begin his journey with property management/real estate until 1997 with the encouragement of his father. He was intrigued by a career that would be ever-changing and continuously rewarding.

That brought him to Austin, TX. Eli brought a fresh approach to Real Estate as he can bridge the gap on diversity. He empowers his Team and motivates teamwork that constantly interweaves from one member to the next. He enjoys helping families reach their dreams of owning their own home.

On the weekends, you can catch him riding his motorcycle, tinkering with electronics, fishing or catching a few Star Trek reruns. A lesser known fact is that he may throw a musical in or catch a theatrical play. Being a devoted husband and a father of four, maintaining his work/life balance is quite impressive. “Never lose momentum. Don’t procrastinate on things you can do today. Complete the task and free up your time.

He is open, receptive to information, and constantly helping the people around him. “I got here, how can I help others get here?”