First impressions are everything! A clean home gives the impression that the home is well maintained and less likely to have issues. A well-organized and clutter-free home gives the impression that there’s plenty of space for everything. Both can help secure offers and asking price.

Here are some showing tips and helpful reminders to help make sure your home makes a GREAT first impression!

Curb and Backyard Appeal

• Make sure your yard is maintained, mulch is fresh, and drive/walkways are swept clean.

• Store outdoor equipment, toys, and bikes out of sight.

• Don’t leave cars parked in driveway or in front of home.

• Check your welcome/outdoor mats and replace if needed. 


• Open all window shades, curtains, etc. Open blind slats to mid- point.

• Turn on lights throughout the home and outdoors if it is an evening showing


• Avoid overly strong air fresheners/fragrances.

• Make sure all rooms, including garage, are clean, tidy, and clutter free - toys put away and beds made 

• Keep toiletries stored away and put out fresh towels.

• Put away dishes and clean countertops and sinks

• Sweep, vacuum, make sure the beds are made, and put trash cans out of sight.


• Prior to your first showing, consider “weeding out” your home. 

• Store or remove unnecessary furniture, clothing, toys, etc. to make space look roomier.

• Put valuables, prescription medication, and weapons in a secure location.

• If possible, crate pets, take them with you, or put them in a confined area during the showing.